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Dr Jan’s Tune Of The Week 69 – Bad To The Bone 

This week’s tune is another classic, Bad to the Bone by George Thorogood and The Destroyers. Originally released in 1982, it wasn’t an instant hit, however repeated showings on the then novel MTV helped increase its popularity. First, what a fantastic name for a popular beat combo. Second, what a cool tune It featured, of […]

Dr Jan’s Tune Of The Week 68 – Born To Be Wild 

We’re back! And we’re really rocking out this time! Welcome back to Dr Jan’s Tune of the Week. We’re kicking off the new month with a monster tune, Born To Be Wild by Steppenwolf. This was originally released in June 1968, and has become associated with the film Easy Rider, which used it during the […]

Dr Jan’s Tune Of The Week 67 – Rainbow 

As we draw to the close of 2013 and the end of the month, the final tune for Children’s TV Themes is Rainbow. My favourite character was George. Zippy was just too annoying and Bungle was just a bit odd. Several years ago, I was at the Savoy in London with family and friends celebrating […]

Dr Jan’s Tune Of The Week 66 – Banana Splits 

This week we’ve moved from the pre-early-evening-news slot to Saturday mornings, and an American import, The Banana Splits Adventure Hour (was it really called that when it was broadcast in the UK?). The Wikipedia tells us that the four members of the band were loosely modelled on The Monkeys, who, in turn, were created as […]

Dr Jan’s Tune Of The Week 65 – Roobarb 

Roobarb is another classic short pre-news show from my youth. The Wikipedia insists that it’s a mistake to refer to the show as ‘Roobarb and Custard’… With an instantly recognisable style of ‘boiling’ animation and an equally recognisable theme tune by Johnny Hawksworth, it’s no wonder it made a big impact. Roobarb was narrated by […]

Dr Jan’s Tune Of The Week 64 – Captain Pugwash 

I’m forging ahead with another new Tune of the Week, only a day after the last one! Today it’s the popular children’s TV programme Captain Pugwash. This is another programme which, like The Magic Roundabout, was shown just before the early evening news on BBC1, ending the sequence of children’s programmes for the day. The […]

Dr Jan’s Tune Of The Week 63 – Magic Roundabout 

Welcome to December 2013 – I know it’s really May 2014, but I’m still catching up This month all my tunes are theme tunes to children’s television programmes. I’ll admit right now that I probably don’t know the titles of the tunes, just the programmes they introduced. So, let’s kick off the month with the […]

Dr Jan’s Tune Of The Week 62 – The Entertainer 

This is the final tune for November, and our theme is ‘Tunes so good I bought a special copy’. The Entertainer by Scott Joplin was used as the theme music for the film The Sting. I remember visiting a music shop to try and get the sheet music for it. I was keen to learn […]

Dr Jan’s Tune Of The Week 61 – Give It Up 

As you may have noticed, I’m still somewhat belatedly back-filling the end of 2013 here on Dr Jan’s Tips From The Top. We’ll get there Continuing our theme of tunes I got a special version of, this week we have The Good Men and Give It Up. I missed buying it when it first came […]

Dr Jan’s Tune of the Week 60 – Body Language 

This week we have Body Language by Queen. One of their lesser-known tunes, it was originally released in 1982. I missed buying it when it first came out (I suspect it disappeared a bit too quickly from the charts – it only got to number 25 in the UK chart). I ended up finding a […]