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stackoverflow.com and serverfault.com 

Gosh, I seem to have been rather remiss in not mentioning these web sites before. You’ll have to excuse my ageing brain OK, first things first, stackoverflow.com. This is a joint venture between Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood. It’s a programmer’s question and answer site. Probably the best description I’ve heard is It’s Expert’s Exchange […]

Transferring Lots Of Small Data 

I was in the situation recently where I needed to transfer about 500Gb of data from one HP-UX box to another. Unfortunately most of these data were in small files – the largest probably a megabyte or so. I ran some speed tests. We had gigabit ethernet connecting the 2 boxes on a little used […]

What’s My IP Address? 

That’s an interesting question! First the High Level Overview For Beginners OK, maybe first we should ask ‘Why do we care?’ IP stands for Internet Protocol. It’s part of the TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol) network protocol which is used, pretty much, by all computers connected to a network. By network I mean […]