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stackoverflow.com and serverfault.com 

Gosh, I seem to have been rather remiss in not mentioning these web sites before. You’ll have to excuse my ageing brain OK, first things first, stackoverflow.com. This is a joint venture between Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood. It’s a programmer’s question and answer site. Probably the best description I’ve heard is It’s Expert’s Exchange […]

KDE 4.2 

I’m pleased to say that by the magic of yum, KDE has been automatically upgraded to version 4.2 on both my home box and my work laptop. At work, I can now use 2 screens again, thank goodness The 2 screen set up is slightly different now to how it was with KDE 3. Previously […]

Fedora 9 and KDE 4 

I’ve recently upgraded my home PC from Fedora 8 to Fedora 9. One of the big benefits (apart from getting the very latest Firefox and Thunderbird packages) is that F9 features KDE 4, the latest version of the KDE desktop window manager. Fedora 9 To upgrade, I followed the excellent instructions at http://www.gagme.com/greg/linux/f9-tips.php. The key […]


I was recently reminded of the excellent ‘units’ program, available with all good Unix systems. Units will convert quantities expressed in one unit in to another unit. Here’s an example: $ units 2439 units, 71 prefixes, 33 nonlinear units You have: 12 miles You want: kilometres * 19.312128 / 0.051780933 You have: So, 12 miles […]

Thunderbird and Lightning 

Previously on Twin Peaks I wrote about the problems I was having with the Lightning calendar add-on for the Thunderbird email client, to the extent that I had to un-install the add-on and the associated Google Data Provider add-on (which synchronises calendars between Lightning and Google Calendar). I’m pleased to report that since the release […]


Fedora Linux is the operating system of choice for both my home PC and my work laptop. KDE is my preferred window manager. The main reason I use KDE rather than Gnome or another system is the Fuzzy Clock. The clock in the lower right hand corner of my screen uses real English to tell […]