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Flat Batteries On A Mercedes-Benz C-Class 

If you have a C43 AMG the battery lives in the boot. The previous generation C-class (1999 vintage) has a boot lock which tends to corrode which renders it unusable. Normally this is not too much of a problem because there’s a button on the key-fob which opens the boot, and there’s also a button […]

How To Open The Bonnet On A Ford Focus 

Opening the bonnet on a Ford Focus turns out to be a remarkably difficult thing to do. In case you don’t have the manual to hand (or can’t be bothered to find it), this is what you do… Swivel the Blue Oval Ford badge on the front of the car anti-clockwise. It pivots about a […]

Cheap Petrol 

Today I filled up at Tesco in Watford for 89.9 pence per litre. This is the first time for ages that petrol has been less than 90p a litre. Most garages in Watford are competitive, so 89.9 should be generally available in the area.