Tonight I dined at the Yo! Sushi in Poland Street, London.

It was completely fabulous! The key feature is a continuous conveyer belt which passes every table in the restaurant. On the conveyer belt tonight… is a never ending selection of dishes. These are mainly sushi, but lots of others too – I had a small fresh fruit salad for dessert. If you see something you like the look of, just grab it as it passes and tuck in. Each dish is coloured and the different colours represent different prices. I sat at the counter, where there are two dispensers in front of each station. One each for still and sparkling water.

So, you can just grab things you want from the conveyer and top up your drink whenever necessary. When you’ve finished, the waiter comes over and counts the number of dishes for each different colour that you have on the table and marks a sheet with this information. Take the sheet to the cashier and you can pay and go!

It’s simple, unfussy and very modern. The food was good too, and I enjoyed the whole experience :-)

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