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Weight Loss Continues

I’m pleased to report that last Tuesday’s weigh-in revealed that I have lost 2.5 pounds since the last time. This means that I’ve now lost 2 stones or 28 pounds. That’s 12.7Kg in the new money Given that I started at 20 stones and 1 pound, I’ve lost 10% of my initial weight, near as […]

Another Pound and a Half

This week I’ve lost another pound and a half of weight, bringing the total to 16 lbs. I’m down to 18 stone and 13 lbs.

Less Weight

OK, this week I lost 4 pounds, which means my total so far is 14½ lbs.That’s more than a stone in the old money Because I’ve lost a stone, the Weight Watchers Leader gave me a stone! Frankly, I think the new one is far more attractive I was concerned because I haven’t done nearly […]

Weight Update

Last week I apologised for being weight-obsessed. This week you’ll just have to deal with it – I’m losing weight, I need to tell you about it This week I lost 1½ lbs. So, less than last week, but still going in the right direction. I think last weekend was particularly problematic because we were […]

Tate and Lyle

At the risk of becoming a diet bore, can I just say I lost another 2 pounds this week? That’s a traditional bag of sugar! Of course in the new age sugar comes in bags of 2.2 pounds which approximates to 1 kilogramme. Anyway, all in all that’s 9 pounds lost in 2 weeks. I’m […]

I'm Thin!

I believe it was Joanna Lumley in Absolutely Fabulous! who said “I’m thin and gorgeous!”. I’m thin, but you can’t see it yet Last Tuesday I joined Weight Watchers with Ruth, and we’ve been counting points all week. Once we’d joined and filled in all the paperwork we were weighed. I was more than slightly […]

Excess Mass Detected

I made the error of standing on the bathroom scales yesterday, and was shocked at the largeness of the numbers displayed. I currently weigh 18 stones and 11 pounds or just over 119 kilos. So it looks like moderate eating and moderate exercise are on the cards for the forseeable future. Damn, that is unbelievably […]