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Weight Loss Continues

I’m pleased to report that last Tuesday’s weigh-in revealed that I have lost 2.5 pounds since the last time. This means that I’ve now lost 2 stones or 28 pounds. That’s 12.7Kg in the new money Given that I started at 20 stones and 1 pound, I’ve lost 10% of my initial weight, near as […]

Big Martyn’s Big Cruise

Big Martyn has started on his Mega Cruise. Hurrah! I’m pleased to report there’s a daily update from the man himself on his new blog: http://bigmartyn.blogspot.com/ By the way, did I mention I lost another 3 and a half pounds last week? Check it out!

Another Pound and a Half

This week I’ve lost another pound and a half of weight, bringing the total to 16 lbs. I’m down to 18 stone and 13 lbs.

Less Weight

OK, this week I lost 4 pounds, which means my total so far is 14½ lbs.That’s more than a stone in the old money Because I’ve lost a stone, the Weight Watchers Leader gave me a stone! Frankly, I think the new one is far more attractive I was concerned because I haven’t done nearly […]

Weight Update

Last week I apologised for being weight-obsessed. This week you’ll just have to deal with it – I’m losing weight, I need to tell you about it This week I lost 1½ lbs. So, less than last week, but still going in the right direction. I think last weekend was particularly problematic because we were […]

Tate and Lyle

At the risk of becoming a diet bore, can I just say I lost another 2 pounds this week? That’s a traditional bag of sugar! Of course in the new age sugar comes in bags of 2.2 pounds which approximates to 1 kilogramme. Anyway, all in all that’s 9 pounds lost in 2 weeks. I’m […]

I'm Thin!

I believe it was Joanna Lumley in Absolutely Fabulous! who said “I’m thin and gorgeous!”. I’m thin, but you can’t see it yet Last Tuesday I joined Weight Watchers with Ruth, and we’ve been counting points all week. Once we’d joined and filled in all the paperwork we were weighed. I was more than slightly […]