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Wherein Copenhagen is Unexpectedly Exciting, but The Journey Home Is Decidedly Not

Today I’ve been working in Copenhagen, Denmark. I like Copenhagen (and Denmark for that matter). In my limited experience, Denmark is just a bit more grown up and civilised than almost anywhere else. Sweden shares the honours, but as that is the limit of my experience of Scandinavia, I suspect there may be other worthy […]

Milan Linate Lounge Update

I realise that this post may not be relevant for many people, but if you should find yourself in Milan’s Linate airport with access to a lounge, the Priority Pass lounge has moved and is now called the Leonardo lounge. The good news is that the new lounge is much nicer than the old one, […]

Eurostar and Mobile Telephones

For the first time I was on the Eurostar and it was still light outside. This means that you can see much more clearly just how fast you’re going. 186mph/300kph is Properly Fast! Speaking to a colleague at work, I’m told that making phone calls on the Eurostar when it’s at full speed is problematic […]

How Long?

Gosh, I’ve just noticed how long it’s been since I posted anything here. May 2009 is the most recent post before today. In my defence, I have been rather busy I married the very lovely Ruth on October 21st last year. In the Las Vegas Hilton. And oh my goodness, it was fabulous. We stayed […]

Open Street Map…

…and use. I’ve recently discovered It’s a collaborative wiki-style map of the entire world. Google maps (and pretty much every other variety available on the web) are very restrictive in terms of what you can do with them. They have to be, because they are, in turn, restricted by their licence agreements with the […]

Prague Hotels (Again!)

I recently spent a week in Prague at the Intercontinental Hotel. Unfortunately, their swimming pool was closed for maintenance for the entire week. However, they arranged for a hotel car to take guests (for free) along to the Hilton where we were able to use their pool and spa facilities. When I finished, I just […]

Tea in Milan

If you should happen to find yourself in Milan, near Milanofiori (home of the International Congress Centre, a Jolly Hotel and a shopping centre amongst other things, but fundamentally Central Nowheresville) and you fancy a good cup of tea, you could do much worse than visit Adriano at the Black&Noir café. You’ll find him at […]

Big Martyn’s Big Cruise

Big Martyn has started on his Mega Cruise. Hurrah! I’m pleased to report there’s a daily update from the man himself on his new blog: By the way, did I mention I lost another 3 and a half pounds last week? Check it out!

La Galleria Restaurant at Malpensa Airport, Milan, Italy

View from the posh restaurant at Malpensa airport, originally uploaded by rev_dr_jan. Tucked away at the top of terminal 1 in Malpensa airport is the rather excellent La Galleria restaurant. Remarkably, the chef has 2 Michelin Stars! There was a 50 euro fixed price degustation menu, along with some 35 euro less extravagant menus and […]

Big Martyn and Dr Jan’s Third Annual Cruise

Our first year we went up the Grand Union Canal and just about got outside the M25. Kings Langley is where we turned around. Last year we went the other way, along the Regent’s Canal to the Hertford Canal and then up the Lea Navigation and the Stort River to Bishop’s Stortford and then Hertford. […]