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Nokia N8 MAC Address

If you need to find the MAC address for your Nokia N8 (so you could add it to your home wi-fi security settings for example): From the home screen touch on ‘Call’, then on the keypad enter *#62209526# or, using the letters because they are easier to remember: *#MAC WLAN# Sorted

Eurostar and Mobile Telephones

For the first time I was on the Eurostar and it was still light outside. This means that you can see much more clearly just how fast you’re going. 186mph/300kph is Properly Fast! Speaking to a colleague at work, I’m told that making phone calls on the Eurostar when it’s at full speed is problematic […]

Adventures with Broadband

I recently had to change my broadband provider, mainly as a result of moving house. Previously on Twin Peaks I was with Virgin Media. I had a fibre-optic cable in to the house which provided cable TV, phone and broadband services. The broadband ran at a nifty 20Mbps (20 mega bits per second) for downloads. […]

Dr Jan’s Tips From The Top

I’ve started a new blog which features Dr Jan’s Tips From The Top – that’s things like restaurant recommendations, unix usefulness and anything else that comes to mind. Check it out here: As it’s a blog there are RSS feeds of the content and the comments that you can subscribe to. Check the Entries […]

New Phone Possibilities

I was in Welwyn Garden City today and happened to be passing an Orange shop, so I popped in and checked when I could upgrade my Nokia 6680 phone. The answer was ‘Whenever you like, sir!”. So, that’s nice. I had a look at the N80, which looked fab. There’s a pre-release review on All […]

Orange Shoot… And They Score!

The man from TNT, on behalf of Orange, arrived at 12:40, 20 minutes before the time he was scheduled to be there. It worked perfectly because I was about 100 yards away from the office, driving back from an early lunch, when the lovely Victoria on the reception desk called to say my new phone […]

Orange Redeem Themselves. Perhaps.

I called Orange today because my Nokia 6680 has been playing up. Several times now, after it has been on for a while (a few days) it fails to ring when an incoming call arrives. Obviously, this is a big problem for a phone As I now have an Orange Premier account, I called the […]

New Nokia 6680 Phone

I recently upgraded my trusty Nokia 6600 phone to a new 6680. So far I’m very pleased with the phone, although there is a strange extra menu feature which Orange install which is rather annoying. The other thing I’m rather concerned about is the fact that the phone doesn’t always ring – I’ve had lots […]

Nokia Phones Sorted By OS

Nokia Phones Sorted by OS Finally, I’ve discovered a really useful web page where Nokia phones can be sorted by which operating system they run. So, for example, I know that I want to upgrade to a new Series 60 phone. Go to the page and select ‘Devices filtered by: Series 60’. A lovely list […]

Russell Beattie Notebook – Serialized eBooks via RSS

This is an excellent idea! There are about 600 books from the Gutenburg Project available from the Mobdex website. Use your WAP browser and you get easily digestible chunks of which ever book you’ve selected delivered to your phone. Right now I’m reading Around The World In 80 Days. You always have your phone with […]