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Dr Jan’s Tune of the Week

Just in case you’re missing it, I’m publishing details of my Tune of the Week over on my Tips From The Top blog. I started in May, when the theme for the month was Eric Coates. June featured TV and Radio theme tunes, whilst July is dedicated to building songs. Each featured tune can be […]

Beethoven’s 8th Symphony

Yesterday I was working from home (because of a cold) and the music player was set to random. Up popped Beethoven’s 8th. I haven’t listened to it for ages, so it was a treat to hear it again. The Executive Summary is ‘jolly and short’. The total track time for all four movements is 27’6″ […]

Building Songs

UPDATE: All of July’s Tunes of the Week are Building Songs: I’ve come to the realisation that most of my favourite tunes are building songs. Not so much manufacturing tunes, or even self-assembling songs, but songs which build from a small beginning to a huge finish. To a greater or lesser extent they all […]


Last night I went to the last of this season’s late-night (starting at 22:15) Proms at the Royal Albert Hall to see Penguin Café. In a previous life and a previous generation, this group was known as the Penguin Café Orchestra. Whereas the PCO was led by Simon Jeffes, the newly reconstituted PC are led […]

Life’s An Adventure – Dress Accordingly

Easter Monday I went with selected friends and family to see Priscilla Queen of the Desert, a musical in London’s West End starring Jason Donovan. Everything about the show was completely fabulous! I haven’t had such a good time for ages Of course I loved the outrageous costumes, the fantastic footwear and the marvellous men, […]

The Proms

Last year we went to six proms concerts at the Albert hall, including the legendary Last Night of The Proms. This year we didn’t go to any at all, which I’m starting to feel was a grave error. I finally got around to watching a recording of The Last Night on the telly and it’s […]

The RFH, LPO and Stravinsky

Last night I went to the Royal Festival Hall in the South Bank Centre to see the London Philharmonic Orchestra perform Stravinsky’s “The Rite of Spring”. It was excellent! I went with Michael and Ricky, and we had a box to ourselves. Boxes are definitely the best way to see a concert The programme was:- […]