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When I bought replacement heads for my electric toothbrush recently, they came with a free sample of new Oral-B toothpaste. I rather like the toothpaste – it tastes of root beer. For anyone not old enough to have tasted root beer way back when McDonald’s used to sell it (along with “McDonald’s Cola” – remember […]

New Bins

From the The Cassell Dictionary of Slang by Jonathon Green: bins/binns n.1 [1930s+] 1 glasses, spectacles. 2 binoculars. 3 the eyes. [abbr. SE binoculars] I’m pleased to report that I’m the proud owner of a new pair of spectacles. I booked an appointment at the shiny new Harefield Opticians. This is a business run by […]


OK, I’ve just got back from a 50-minute walk alongside the canal and up the hill home. I’m still rather warm, but I’m feeling better for having done it Let’s hope this is the start of a healthier lifestyle (always the optimist

Excess Mass Detected

I made the error of standing on the bathroom scales yesterday, and was shocked at the largeness of the numbers displayed. I currently weigh 18 stones and 11 pounds or just over 119 kilos. So it looks like moderate eating and moderate exercise are on the cards for the forseeable future. Damn, that is unbelievably […]


I did cooking last night! I put two toad-in-the-hole trays from Tesco in the oven for 35 minutes, washed new potatoes and boiled them for 15 minutes in slightly salty water and then right at the last I nuked some artichoke hearts with some leaf spinach, both from cans. The result was excellent I’m still […]

Autumn Blues

The days are getting noticeably shorter again, which is all too depressing. Before you know it the clocks will have changed and then we’ll be in trouble

Shaving Tax Increases

Gillette have increased the shaving tax (again). They’ve introduced the new Sensor 3 razor. Back in the mists of time when I started using a wet razor, there was the Sensor. Then came the Sensor Excel, which was more comfortable to use and generally a very good razor. Both the Sensor and the Sensor Excel […]