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Linux Skype Client (Beta)

I have discovered a nifty feature of the Linux Skype client, and a minor annoyance too. Which shows you can’t have everything (where would you put it?). UPDATE: I’ve discovered another nifty feature – it kerns your text automatically as you type – see the UPDATE section below for more details. First the niftyness. When […]

Nokia N8 MAC Address

If you need to find the MAC address for your Nokia N8 (so you could add it to your home wi-fi security settings for example): From the home screen touch on ‘Call’, then on the keypad enter *#62209526# or, using the letters because they are easier to remember: *#MAC WLAN# Sorted

Building Songs

UPDATE: All of July’s Tunes of the Week are Building Songs: I’ve come to the realisation that most of my favourite tunes are building songs. Not so much manufacturing tunes, or even self-assembling songs, but songs which build from a small beginning to a huge finish. To a greater or lesser extent they all […]

How Long?

Gosh, I’ve just noticed how long it’s been since I posted anything here. May 2009 is the most recent post before today. In my defence, I have been rather busy I married the very lovely Ruth on October 21st last year. In the Las Vegas Hilton. And oh my goodness, it was fabulous. We stayed […]

Life’s An Adventure – Dress Accordingly

Easter Monday I went with selected friends and family to see Priscilla Queen of the Desert, a musical in London’s West End starring Jason Donovan. Everything about the show was completely fabulous! I haven’t had such a good time for ages Of course I loved the outrageous costumes, the fantastic footwear and the marvellous men, […]

The Beast Lives!

I’m pleased to report that the Benz Is Back! The Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG is in rather better shape than it has been of late Previously on Twin Peaks, the battery had become completely flat, mainly due to a complete lack of driving activity. I have been in the habit of taking it out for a […]

Hilton Stockholm Slussen

This week I’ve been staying at the Hilton Stockholm Slussen. In fact it’s the only Hilton in Stockholm. I’ve been very impressed. There is an “Environmental Statement” 12-page booklet in your room which tells you how much the hotel has done to help the environment. So I can tell you that, for example, energy consumption […]

Dr Jan. Appearing On A Blog Near You.

Can I just say that there’s a photo of me on Joel’s blog? I attended the London episode of the FogBugz World Tour (more details on Dr Jan’s Tips From The Top). If you look at Joel’s recent How To Demo Software post, there’s a photo of the audience at The British Library. Those 6 […]

Dr Jan's Top 3 Places to have Afternoon Tea

Currently, my top 3 venues for afternoon tea, in reverse order, are: 3. The Savoy 2. Fortnum and Mason’s 1. The Dorchester You can see all my articles about tea here

Dr Jan’s Tips From The Top

I’ve started a new blog which features Dr Jan’s Tips From The Top – that’s things like restaurant recommendations, unix usefulness and anything else that comes to mind. Check it out here: As it’s a blog there are RSS feeds of the content and the comments that you can subscribe to. Check the Entries […]