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New Blog Theme

If you read this blog directly, that is by looking at rather than using a feed reader, you’ll have noticed that I’ve installed a shiny new theme. It’s the blogtxt WordPress theme, and I’m loving the minimalist look. I particularly like the way that the two lines in the blog title crash into one […]

Dr Jan. Appearing On A Blog Near You.

Can I just say that there’s a photo of me on Joel’s blog? I attended the London episode of the FogBugz World Tour (more details on Dr Jan’s Tips From The Top). If you look at Joel’s recent How To Demo Software post, there’s a photo of the audience at The British Library. Those 6 […]

It's Stephen Bloody Fry, Darling!

I was thrilled to discover that Saint Stephen of Fry has a blog! Blog – blessays, blogs and blisquisitions. A damn fine read


This is a quick post to claim this blog at Technorati Technorati Profile

:Ben Metcalfe

Here’s a link to Ben Metcalfe’s blog. I’m hoping this will boost his Technorati rating up to 9999 (follow the link for details)

Dr Jan’s Tips From The Top

I’ve started a new blog which features Dr Jan’s Tips From The Top – that’s things like restaurant recommendations, unix usefulness and anything else that comes to mind. Check it out here: As it’s a blog there are RSS feeds of the content and the comments that you can subscribe to. Check the Entries […]

Goodbye Blogger, Hello WordPress

I’ve changed my blogging software. I no longer use Blogger, I’ve switched to WordPress. This gives me much more flexibility and control over the appearance of my blog. The main thing it does for me which Blogger doesn’t (or at least, not easily) is to provide links to the next and previous posts on permalink […]

Inkstone: September 2005

Inkstone: September 2005 This blog seems to have a very calming effect on me – not just this post, but all of it (that I’ve read so far

Fine Tuning My Blog

Today I’ve been fine tuning some aspects of my blog: The template has changed slightly so that the Permalink links are more obvious I’ve added a description of the blog The Archive section has changed it’s name I’ve also registered at Technorati. So, that’s nice

I’m Excited!

I’m excited about the weekend now. Tomorrow I’m going with Martyn and Ruth to be fabulous at The Dorchester. We’re booked in for afternoon tea And the day after is Supercar Sunday! Hopefully I’ll be travelling up with Martyn in the DeLorean, whilst Ruth and Avi follow in the Support Vehicle Gosh, I’ve been blogging […]