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Dr Jan’s Tune of the Week

Just in case you’re missing it, I’m publishing details of my Tune of the Week over on my Tips From The Top blog. I started in May, when the theme for the month was Eric Coates. June featured TV and Radio theme tunes, whilst July is dedicated to building songs. Each featured tune can be […]

Richard Allinson

Whilst Chris Evans was away on Monday and Tuesday, Richard Allinson was presenting the Radio 2 Breakfast Show instead. Richard Allinson is the smoothest man on radio. By quite a large margin. I first heard him on the radio way back in the mists of time when I was at college and he was broadcasting […]

Linux Skype Client (Beta)

I have discovered a nifty feature of the Linux Skype client, and a minor annoyance too. Which shows you can’t have everything (where would you put it?). UPDATE: I’ve discovered another nifty feature – it kerns your text automatically as you type – see the UPDATE section below for more details. First the niftyness. When […]

Nokia N8 MAC Address

If you need to find the MAC address for your Nokia N8 (so you could add it to your home wi-fi security settings for example): From the home screen touch on ‘Call’, then on the keypad enter *#62209526# or, using the letters because they are easier to remember: *#MAC WLAN# Sorted

Beethoven’s 8th Symphony

Yesterday I was working from home (because of a cold) and the music player was set to random. Up popped Beethoven’s 8th. I haven’t listened to it for ages, so it was a treat to hear it again. The Executive Summary is ‘jolly and short’. The total track time for all four movements is 27’6″ […]


When I bought replacement heads for my electric toothbrush recently, they came with a free sample of new Oral-B toothpaste. I rather like the toothpaste – it tastes of root beer. For anyone not old enough to have tasted root beer way back when McDonald’s used to sell it (along with “McDonald’s Cola” – remember […]

Afternoon Tea at The Runnymede Hotel

Ruth and I were lucky enough to share an afternoon tea at the Runnymede Hotel with Chris, Alex and Linda last Bank Holiday Monday. The Runnymede is conveniently located very close to junction 13 on the M25 motorway, near Egham. I understand from friends that the spa facilities are extensive and quite marvellous We had […]

Building Songs

UPDATE: All of July’s Tunes of the Week are Building Songs: I’ve come to the realisation that most of my favourite tunes are building songs. Not so much manufacturing tunes, or even self-assembling songs, but songs which build from a small beginning to a huge finish. To a greater or lesser extent they all […]

Wherein Copenhagen is Unexpectedly Exciting, but The Journey Home Is Decidedly Not

Today I’ve been working in Copenhagen, Denmark. I like Copenhagen (and Denmark for that matter). In my limited experience, Denmark is just a bit more grown up and civilised than almost anywhere else. Sweden shares the honours, but as that is the limit of my experience of Scandinavia, I suspect there may be other worthy […]

Citroën C5 Saves The Day

Yesterday whilst driving to work I had to perform a full-blown emergency stop. Another driver pulled out just in front of me when I was doing maybe 40-50 m.p.h. I slammed the brakes on. As my speed decreased I felt the ABS anti-lock braking system operate (the brake pedal pulses under your foot). I stopped […]