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The Science Museum

At the weekend I visited the Science Museum in South Kensington, London with my parents. I think the first time I went there was a school trip when I was about 9 or 10, and I’ve been quite a few times between now and then, but not recently. It’s fantastic! It starts off well – […]

Big Martyn and Dr Jan’s Second Annual Canal Cruise

Well, we’ve been at it again Last year we turned left out of the basin, went down the Regent’s Canal to the Grand Union and followed that up as far as King’s Langley. Our mission was to get outside the M25, and we just about managed it This year we decided to go the other […]

Thunderbird Introduces Retention

Thunderbird, the excellent email client from the Mozilla foundation has introduced a new message retention feature. At last! This means that you can set a number of days to keep messages in a particular folder. So, for example, I receive email from a number of cinema chains telling me what’s on at the flicks. Now […]

Opinions on Our Glasgow Trip

OK, so I posted a quick list of everything we did in Glasgow, but I didn’t make any comments on anything. So, I’m catching up with that now I’m pleased to say I was flying business class from Bucharest to Heathrow, because that was the only kind of ticket left when I booked. Damn, I […]

Car Clubs

It seems to me, admittedly after only a brief experience of each, that the Mercedes Owners Club is just like the Citroen Owners Club, except for slightly less beards and sandals.

New Phone Possibilities

I was in Welwyn Garden City today and happened to be passing an Orange shop, so I popped in and checked when I could upgrade my Nokia 6680 phone. The answer was ‘Whenever you like, sir!”. So, that’s nice. I had a look at the N80, which looked fab. There’s a pre-release review on All […]

A Full Weekend

If you count Friday afternoon/evening as well, last weekend I did all these things… Flew back from Bucharest in Romania Went to the leaving do for Payam, Hans and Ben Drove to Nottingham Took my parents to EMA – East Midlands (Nottingham) airport Flew with my parents and Ruth (of course) to Glasgow Went on […]

Therapeutic Paper Tearing

Here’s another Dr Jan’s Tip From The Top. If you have paper you need to recycle, tear it in half first. Then do the same thing again. Repeat until you get bored or the pile of paper is too thick to tear. This works for any kind of single sheets, but also junk mail, empty […]

Garage Lights

I picked up a PIR (passive infra-red) sensor at B&Q a couple of days ago. It doesn’t have any lamps attached, it’s just a switch for controlling existing lights. It’s the same unit you get as part of those halogen security lamps which turn on when they detect movement and it’s dark. I’ve mounted it […]


OK, I’ve just got back from a 50-minute walk alongside the canal and up the hill home. I’m still rather warm, but I’m feeling better for having done it Let’s hope this is the start of a healthier lifestyle (always the optimist