Richard Allinson

Whilst Chris Evans was away on Monday and Tuesday, Richard Allinson was presenting the Radio 2 Breakfast Show instead.

Richard Allinson is the smoothest man on radio. By quite a large margin. I first heard him on the radio way back in the mists of time when I was at college and he was broadcasting on Capital Radio.

Richard has completely mastered the art of speaking over the start of records but stopping just before the vocals start. This really isn’t easy to do, especially if you don’t want to sound rushed or particularly langorous. One would imagine that he has a number of trusty stopwatches in the studio to make this kind of thing possible.

On the Breakfast Show recently the record which was playing just before the pips (and the news at the top of the hour) finished just before the final pip. After the pips he said something like ‘I thought that was going to be close!’. Like he hadn’t measured everything exactly before hand, like the total professional he is.

I love Richard Allinson for his dedication to his profession, for learning how to do it properly, and for having a gorgeously smooth voice too.

All in all a very worthy ‘back-up breakfast show presenter’. So much better than Richard Madeley that I’m really sorry I sullied this post with the name. I’m embarassed to mention the two Richards in the same breath.

Chris Evans, when ever you are away in future, please ensure that Richard Allinson stands in for you. He’s easily the best replacement we’ve had so far.