How Long?

Gosh, I’ve just noticed how long it’s been since I posted anything here. May 2009 is the most recent post before today.

In my defence, I have been rather busy :-)

I married the very lovely Ruth on October 21st last year. In the Las Vegas Hilton. And oh my goodness, it was fabulous.

We stayed at the Luxor the first week we were away. Dr Jan’s Tip From The Top – don’t. The Luxor was a really depressing place :-( OK, the pyramid is a fantastic building, and inside it’s an enormous atrium – all the rooms are around the outside. There are many buildings within the pyramid, which look good when you’re down on the floor walking around. However, when you are walking to your room along a long balcony overlooking them, all you can see is the dirty, scuzzy back walls which are not even clean, let alone decorated.

There are no elevators, they have ‘Inclinators’ instead, which slide up and down the inclined walls in the corners of the pyramid. Unfortunately the inclinators look exactly like elevators when you’re in them and I can’t help feeling they missed a trick by not building windows in to the cars and shafts.

We flew down to San Diego for the weekend and stayed at the Hyatt Regency Mission Bay, which was completely marvellous in all respects :-) The main thing it did was make me realise how depressed I had become staying at the Luxor.

We flew back to Vegas on Sunday and saw the Jersey Boys show, which we both enjoyed a huge amount. Then we checked in to the Las Vegas Hilton. Due to a cock-up with our booking we had been upgraded for our entire stay to a suite. Except that actually it was two suites in one :-) We were on the 25th floor, right at the end of a corridor. We had a suite on each side of the passageway, but there were double doors which could be closed across the end of the corridor, effectively making the last 10 feet of the corridor our entrance hall :-)

We’d seen my parents before we went to San Diego, but most people started arriving on Monday, which was a really exciting moment for me. Suddenly everything stopped being a never ending list of things to be done and started being a fabulous time with fabulous people.

Tuesday we had arranged a limo trip of the strip for everyone. Given that there were 16 of us altogether, we had 2 limos. So, naturally, there was a Boys limo and a Girls limo :-) The trip was surprisingly good – we stopped off to see the erupting volcano at the Mirage, the “Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas” sign as you enter Las Vegas (where we saw Elvis) and then the dancing fountains at the Bellagio. We ended up at the Freemont Street Experience, which was excellent.

Wednesday we got married :-) (Email me if you want links to the photos)

Thursday we were taken on a surprise trip in a helicopter over the Grand Canyon. It was absolutely magical and we all had a fabulous time. Even though I’d flown over the Grand Canyon in a helicopter on a previous trip, this one was made special by the people I was with and the fact that we stopped for a champagne picnic near the bottom of the canyon.

Friday we flew to San Francisco for a week’s honeymoon. We stayed at the Sofitel San Francisco Bay, which is nice, just not anywhere near San Francisco :-)

We flew to and from America with Virgin Atlantic on their Premium Economy service. Well worth the extra money, and a fabulous experience.

Since then we decided to move house (to High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire), and we’re still in the middle of packing, moving and unpacking more stuff than you can reasonably shake a stick at.