Weight Update

Last week I apologised for being weight-obsessed.

This week you’ll just have to deal with it – I’m losing weight, I need to tell you about it :-)

This week I lost 1½ lbs. So, less than last week, but still going in the right direction.

I think last weekend was particularly problematic because we were on holiday in Norwich for the weekend. So we were eating out all the time.

We went to see the always excellent Craig Hill at the Norwich Playhouse and had a fabulous evening :-)

Norwich is a fascinating place with more history than you can shake a stick at. It was once Britain’s Second City, and had ‘a church for every week and a pub for every day of the year’. We stayed at the Maids Head Hotel, which was all rather jolly. Parts of the hotel date from 1284. It looks like several adjacent buildings have been bought as they became available and added to the hotel. The result of this is that no two rooms are on the same level – it’s a very stairy place :-)