Car Rationalisation

Late last night the ebay auction ended and the Citroen BX GTi 16V has now been sold. So now I’m down to the Mercedes Benz C43 AMG, the Citroen Xantia V6 and a half share of the Citroen Xantia 2.0 Turbo Activa.

The Activa is really Martyn’s to deal with, I don’t have any share in the capital outlay, only the insurance and driving.

Right now I’m using the V6 as my daily drive. The Benz has a problem with its gearbox – it doesn’t change gear very well when you push it, but it’s fine when you are pootling around town. In fact, that is so frustrating that I’m almost forced to drive the V6 now. Pootling in the Benz is fine, but if you want to make an effort you can’t – the gearbox effectively refuses to change up until you let off the gas pedal. And that’s if it has deigned to change down in the first place. For goodness’ sake, I was unable to beat a BMW 323i away from the lights. How embarassed?

The word from George Fraser is to continue driving the Benz until the problem starts happening at low accelerations. Allegedly this will make the problem much easier to spot when they look at the gearbox. Hmm.

So now I’m not driving the Benz because it’s rubbish, and, to cap it all, far too expensive to run right now.

I’ve managed to make a tank of fuel last for more than a week of commuting with the V6, so right now that’s the Golden Boy. The Benz normally requires between 1 and 2 fill-ups a week. Probably closer to 2 than 1.

In an ideal world, I’d probably keep the Benz for weekends and use a Citroen C1 to commute to work. That way I can have fun when I want, and when I don’t, everything becomes much cheaper to run. The C1 is in insurance group 1 and it does huge numbers of miles to the gallon of petrol, so it should be, comparatively, extremely cheap to run.

The only problem with this is a lack of capital to make it all work. I can’t afford to buy a C1 right now – I’m trying to reduce my levels of debt, amongst other things.

So, after all that, it looks like I might be selling the Benz and enjoying some rather more sensible motoring for a while. Hmm.