More Car Woes

I still need to get the Mercedes down to the Alignment Centre, now that the wheel bearings have been replaced. There’s a lot of screeching when I go round corners in car parks.

The Xantia V6 needs 2 new fans for the radiator, approximate cost £366.60 at BLAutos.

I’m starting to wonder if I shouldn’t keep the V6 and use it to commute to work. Then I could keep the Merc for the weekends :-) If I had a decent wodge of cash I’d like to get a Smart car for commuting because it would be fantastically economical.

I’ve tried using the Xantia Activa to commute, but it just depresses me. The radio is not very good, the sound fades out quite frequently. There is no cruise control. It feels old and knackered.

So, I should sell the Activa and the V6, keep the BX 16V because it’s so much fun to drive and look out for a bargain Smart – although not too much of a bargain, I don’t want to have to spend a fortune keeping it going :-)

I could try using the BX to commute, but currently my Dad has it on a long term loan (until his new truck arrives from America – any day now, honest!).

Oh, and to top it all, the cd player in the Merc has started playing up now. I’ll have to see if I can get a cd cleaning device for it.

No wonder I’m so bloody poor!