Monthly Archives February 2005


OK, there’s been quite a lot of activity on the cars front, especially if I include Big Martyn’s cars in the equation. Until recently we had two and a half cars each. Martyn had a Citroen XM (2 litre turbo, automatic) and a DeLorean and I had a Citroen Xantia (3 litre V6 Exclusive, automatic) […]

Lounge Deluxe

I seem to be having a bit of a lounge day today. I’ve been in Paris working, so I was in the lounge waiting for the (delayed) bmi flight back to Heathrow this afternoon. When I got back to the airport, it turns out that we managed to make up some time on the flight, […]


The Benz was almost completely out of petrol yesterday, so I took the opportunity to fill up with super unleaded (97 octane instead of 95 for standard unleaded). Now the car is much smoother to drive, it seems to go quicker and it’s generally much more pleasant to use. I’m just surprised that upgrading the […]

Russell Beattie Notebook – Serialized eBooks via RSS

This is an excellent idea! There are about 600 books from the Gutenburg Project available from the Mobdex website. Use your WAP browser and you get easily digestible chunks of which ever book you’ve selected delivered to your phone. Right now I’m reading Around The World In 80 Days. You always have your phone with […]