Being Fabulous

Today I celebrated my thirty-nine-and-a-halfth birthday with my Main Man Martyn and my friends Andrew, Shaun and Richard.

Martyn and me popped into the Tate Modern in London to get some lunch and see the Hopper exhibition. Of course, we were running slightly later than anticipated, so we settled for lunch (excellent nosh, excellent views) in the restaurant on the 7th floor.

We didn’t really have time to see the Hopper stuff, so we joined the Tate instead. This means when we go back we can jump to the head of the queue and get in for free. Kewl.

We’d arranged to meet the others at 16:00 in the chocolate hall at Fortnum and Mason’s in Piccadilly. We were predictably late leaving the Tate, so we took the precaution of cabbing to F&M’s.

We had pre-booked in the St James’s restaurant on the 4th floor, and it was fabulous :-) We kicked off with a precautionary bottle of champagne, then opted for Traditional Teas all round. Fortnum and Mason’s was excellent as usual, and we all had a terribly amusing afternoon.

Thanks to Big Martyn for the photo.